Top easy seo tips

Top easy seo tips
#1 Target a keyword on every page
Every content based page on your site can be a new traffic stream. You can go after low search volume keywords with a new post and quickly rank for it. For example, a keyword that gets 200 searches a month isn't worth a lot of your time. For another blog post though, it is.
If you consistently target and rank for low search volume keywords you can quickly amass search engine traffic.
#2 Build quality links
Don't waste your time with spammy links. They are low value and usually don't stick around for long. Instead, focus on building high quality links that have real value and will be permanent.
#3 Write quality content
Just because you didn't spin your article and there's no grammar mistakes doesn't make it high quality. Write helpful content for a targeted group of people. Use strong titles, cool images, videos, and other resources to make exceptional content.
#4 Take advantage of universal search
Since 2007 Google has been including more than just text results in the SERPs. There are videos, images, news results, and even author pics now. When targeting a new keyword, pay attention to the variety of the results and grab the right kind of rankings. If the #2 spot is a video, make a video!
#5 Diversify your links
Building the same type of links over and over again will provide diminishing returns and is unnatural. For instance, don't just use blog commenting to link to your site. Use other methods like article marketing and guest blogging as well.
#6 Start your title with your keyword
When writing titles for your content, make sure to start the title with your keyword. This will give your keyword more weight.
#7 Make your content easy to share
Social signals are now a factor in deciding search results. Make it easy for visitors to share your content by adding prominent sharing buttons to all your pages. It should be very easy for readers to Tweet or "like" your content.
#8 Use internal links effectively
When linking between pages, use your anchor text wisely. Put the links in the beginning of your content and link with exact match or partial match anchor text for the best results.
#9 Link out to good sites
Google knows that good sites link to other good sites. Show Google that you have a trustworthy websites by consistently linking to other relevant and trustworthy sites in your niche.

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