Top Tips For Writing Hubpages to Generate Traffic

TOP Tips
I thought up a few good tips. I took information i learned from school and from my personal experiences. If you follow these, you should be off to a good start. Even if the hub doesn't get you an award, it will still look great and bring in traffic.
  • Pick a topic you know a lot about. Make sure that before you go and start writing something you have a clear toipic icked out. Try to narrow it donw to one or two things that you really like and knwo a lot about. Trust me, it is much easier to write about your passion than to write about something you have no idea about. Just because something seemed interesting to you and would be to others, doesn't mean that you are the one to bring it to the community. Harsh words in a way, but true.
  • Put together info before you start writing. It is never a good idea to jump into an article if you don't know what you're writing about. Pick the topic, then do a little ore research about it. Even if it is your passion make sure you know all of the odds and ends and all terms and tips that come with the topic. Remember, you are teaching these people the way to do something, so make it clear. So, once again, just make sure that you know plenty about what you are writing, it will also make the information come out of your head much easier!
Extra tip: Using what is trending now can bring in lots of new traffic, but you have to realize that those hubs might be popular one week, and completely dead the next week, or never come back. If you want to write about current evetns, you may want to consider writing for other websites also, or making your won blog. There are many ways that you can share the word of news in the world.
  • Brainstorm ideas about your topic. Once you have figured out your topic and done some research, you should collect your thoughts by writing them down. Just start writing random stuff that has to with your topic. Space things out a little so that you can edit it later (assuming you are doing this electronically). Once you have a decent amount of material, start organizing it. Put it in beginning middle, and end groups. This will make the next step that much easier.
  • Make a structure for your writing and then fill it in. After you have picked your topic, done enough research on it, then brainstormed some good ideas and put the info together, you should make a skeleton of the article. I like to start by writing out the intro, which I will also also use for summaries. Then I put in all of my capsules and name then with the proper title. This make is easy to just fill in the spots with the info you have come up with earlier. Doing this will have you hub out together in no time, and with not to much effort.
  • Finally, make it look good! Once you have put all of your writing together into a nice cohesive article, you can start making it look good. You need to add pictures, links to great supporting sites or hubs (not too many or your hub will flagged as overly promotional). Just make the article look good at first site. I like to start off with a strong picture and a good opening paragraph. This will lead readers into the rest of the article and to the rest of the the pictures etc.
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