How to write content that rank high on search engines

How to write content that rank high on search engines
When you are creating content for your blog or website it is important that you create well written content that are brief and also interesting. When creating content for your blog, you be writing for humans who are in need of information and also search engine crawlers that will be indexing your WebPages and rank them accordingly on search engines.
When a search is done on a search engine, the search engine usually match the users search query with keywords found on your web pages with the aim of generating the most relevant search result that will meet the users need.
Naturally your website should not appear on the search result page if there is no keyword that matches the search query on your web page. Effective SEO Copywriting involves creating content and web pages that are search engine optimized.
In this article I will be sharing with you things you need to do if you want to create an effective SEO copy. 
Let's begin:

1. Keyword Research 
Keyword research is not a new term in the SEO Niche, you probably have heard of it over a thousand times but it is very good to start your SEO copywriting with a comprehensive keyword research. This will give you an idea of which keyword phrases are relevant and should be targeted in the course of your content writing.

Google keyword tool is a free and easy way of doing keyword research, all you have to do is input your desired keyword and copy/paste the list of the resulting keywords with lower competition in a spread sheet or notepad so that you can use it as a guide for your content writing.
2. Content Organization 
Content organization is also very important in SEO Copywriting, when writing a SEO Copy it is proper you develop your article around not more than 3-4 Related Keywords; by so doing you make it easy for Search engines to perceive what that particular page is all about.

It is good practice to include in the first Paragraph of your article your Targeted keyword and also try to let it appear in your last paragraph.
3. On-Page Search engine Optimization 
In other to create a web page that rank high on search engines, you need to pay attention to some important On-page SEO elements. On-page optimization is not that difficult, there are just a few things that are needed to be done.

I. Page Title
Page title is one of the most important aspects of on-page search engine optimization; it is the most relevant tag on an entire page; because it gives a summary of what the page is about. You page title can make people visit your site or Make the Ignore your website.
Here are some tips to help with writing an Effective Page Title
Your Targeted Keyword should be in your Post Title
Write your Title In a way to entice Visitors
Have a unique Title Tag for Every Page
ii. Meta Description- Meta Keywords
Meta Descriptions and Meta keywords are also important, though search engines claim they don't influence your rankings but I believe it helps search engine crawlers to understand your web pages better.
You should write a Meta description and Meta Keywords that match your website content; each page or post should have its own Keywords. For your Meta description use about 20-30 Words, if you are a blogger running on WordPress; there are numerous plug-in that can help you with this such as: All in One SEO Plug-in, Yoast SEO Plug-in and so on.
iii. Content
As you are creating the content you want to publish on your website or Blog, you should take note of the keywords you are targeting in that particular article. Make sure you use them effectively throughout your article Body.

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