Ways about seo in 2014

Guest Blogging Guest blogging is a great tool for social media marketing and search engine optimization. Guest blogging held a special place in 2013 and it will continue to rule in 2014. Writing and posting guest blogs on good ranking sites takes time and effort but it is all worth it considering the kind of high quality one way back links it brings.

Use related keywords The launch of Hummingbird has proved once again that Google prefers quality content over content bombarded with keywords. Content developers and SEO marketers have to provide content that offers valuable information and not just focus on a specific keyword. The thumb rule is if you arm your website with great content, you can hope to be in the good books of Uncle Google.

Go the Google+ way
So you have accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Brilliant! But that’s not enough to make Google smile at you unless you have hugged Google+ too. If you have a G+ account, be more active there. Having an account on Google+ and Google Authorship can work wonders for your online branding and page ranking. If you want to please Uncle Google, create your website’s G+ page and regularly update it with fresh content. The content published on Google+ creates a unique URL that brings back links and Google crawls those pages. Moreover having Google Authorship lends credibility to your brand.
Visual presentation Having just informative content is not enough. Visual presentation is the norm of the day. Image-sharing sites such as Pinterest and Instagram attract millions of users worldwide. Create and share infographics and informative pictorials. Good quality, informative and original content never goes waste. 2014 is all about presenting that fresh, quality content with a focus on giving something to readers that hold on to their attention and come back for more information.

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