Unique ways

Unique ways To Generate Traffic
Are you searching for a whole new, unique method to generate targeted traffic to your website? Fed up with the same methods exclaimed by others time and time again that don’t appear to give you any results? This information will share ten unique methods to generate traffic to your website.
  1. Interview someone - hold an interview with someone within your niche that are influential; tap into their community and have them promote your content as well.
  2. Create a guest post - write a guest post for blogs that are relevant to your niche; target relevant blogs with content which fits nicely within the targeted community (this increases the chance you’ll gain click through back to your site).
  3. Cover the news – find a hot-topic story and cover it in on your website; craft it so it is applicable to your own niche along with the additional insight and how you believe it effects your own community.
  4. Write a list post – write a very resourceful list post which rounds up the best tutorials within your niche or collects the most effective ideas from other writers on relevant blogs.
  5. Create a poll - hold an enormous poll which brings the entire community together to discuss and debate a heated topic.
  6. Be controversial – challenge a major idea or practice inside your niche; tell your own unique spin and the reasons you may not agree with the general understanding of a topic.
  7. Hold a contest - find sponsors that would be willing to offer up prizes and hold the biggest contest you’ll find; make it a requirement that to be able to participate, people will need to share the contest with other people or link back to it.
  8. Create a series - tackle a major topic that people want to know about and turn it into an entire series; create the perfect content you can that takes people from the beginning to end.
  9. Make a product and give it away - make a product that others will find useful for their own projects and give it away for free; people often think that products will cost money – surprise them by giving it away.
  10. Answer a major question – figure out the biggest questions your community have and create a set of posts which specifically answer these questions.
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