Increase Your Website, Blog Pagerank With Easy Tools

The first tool – website itself
The first part is rather straight forward: Write quality articles on your website or blog. Always keep in mind (and engrave in your heart if possible) that content is God. Without content, you will not be able to make it through even to the surface. To be honest, the first tool consists of a few processes.
Content is one thing but when it comes to blogs and websites, you got to ensure that you are always prepared to spend a lot of time updating it. Let’s face the fact. Search engines love to promote or hand pick websites that are constantly updating itself. I would personally advise you to update at least one writing of about 400 – 500 words once every two days at least. Of course, if you are looking for higher and faster results, once a day is the best!

The second tool – one is never enough

In the first part, I am going to assume you follow the guide and wrote great articles. Now, setup another blog or website and start updating this as well. Does this sound like extra work for you? Certainly it does but it is rewarding. Trust me!
The trick here is that because you are so tied and focused onto the main website or blog, what you can do now is write simple but precise articles regarding specific topic found on your website in the first tool. Does this sound like doing double job? Certainly not because you are creating the chance of backlinking. Once the articles are completed in your secondary site, start link building back to the main website. There is no exact number of articles you should write on a certain topic and it is all up to you really.

The last tool – backlink blast

HubPages, Squidoo, Tumblr or EzineArticles and post specific but yet general article on topics you had wrote on your main website. This is what I love most as these link building are easily considered high quality ones because they are generated in a high PR website.
Remember not to copy and paste the content and always rewrite them back. This is a long process but if you are seeing the matter down the road, then you are certainly preparing yourself for page rank boost. This does not only affects you now but once you are at a higher page rank, you could benefit even more from these link buildings you had done in the past.
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