Do Commenting For Traffic

What are comments?  
Comments and promotionThere are so many blogs which are full of content which provide the opportunity to visitor to grade or comment on content. Any sentence of praise or criticism from any visitor for particular content of blog or website is called comment.

Types of Comments:

Commonly the comments consist of text but there are so many blogs or websites which provide facility to add links or similes as comment. Even on YouTube one can send a video in response as a comment. So comments may be textual or may be consist of multimedia.

Golden Rule for Blog Promotion

If you want to promote your blog then always try to post something even a comment on other blogs or websites when you visit them. It would be good for website or blog promotion. If you post comment with your link then it would be considered as a valid back link. Always try to post comment on such websites or blog which already has good page rank or good traffic.

To comment is an effective way to get blog traffic

When people view your comment and if it is attractive are interesting then visitor will click and will be transferred to your blog or website. So comments have power to transfer traffic to your website or blog.
Here are some simple tips to make your comments attractive and attention grabbing.
Your comment must be in accordance with the content of blog or website. Always find those blogs or websites which have same keywords as your blog or website. Comment must be simple and must be in such form that would be easy to understand. Always try to introduce new and unique ideas in your comment. Always try to provide some useful tips in your comment. Use your keyword in your comments. Do not start posting same comments on different websites or blog, each time comment content must be different and suitable to the scenario.

How to post Comments for blog promotion:

Blog Comment FormOpen google search engine and select the blog search from the upper left menus. Type the keyword form your blog. It will give the list of relevant blogs. Then visit each blog and at the end of page your will find the comment mechanism which consist of text boxes like name, website, email and comment as shown in figure. Fill the form and submit. At first glance try to get the idea of page and try to post comment in relevance. I hope these simple tips would help your in blog promotion and would make you to get traffic for your blog.

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