Social Bookmarking Websites

List of Social Bookmarking Websites
The introduction of web 2.0 gives a new way to increase traffic and best option for internet marketing. The social bookmarking websites are the new invention and a very useful to increase more traffic and revenue.

Definition of Social Bookmarking

A social bookmarking website is the website where a user can save his/her favorite bookmarks that can be accessible from any computer connect to the web. The social bookmarking websites provides user option to make bookmarks private or public. Some of the popular social bookmarking websites are,,, A user id and password is required to add favorite websites in the social bookmarking websites.

I have added some social bookmarking websites and these websites will definately increase traffic. Most of them are using nofollow tag due to spam. These websites will not help you alot in increasing page rank and backlinks. But yes you will accept traffic :

List of top social bookmarking Sites : Social Bookmarking)
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