Make Money with Pay Per Click Program

Make Money with Google Adsense Pay Per Click Program

Google Adsense is one of the most widely used profitable Pay Per Click program available on internet. It provides a way of advertising online for advertiser through program known as Google Adword and earning opportunities for webmaster mostly known as publisher through program known as Google Adsense. Now a day’s all webmasters are using this most vastly used make money Google Adsense program to turn their website into money making machine.
Google Adsense is a Pay-per-click (PPC) program that gives some percentage of money to you when visitors click on ads running on your web pages. You can join make money Google Adsense program by providing information they asked on registration page including your website URL on which you want to display the ads.
Google scans website or blog before getting it approved. Google Adsense approval involves two steps:
Step1: Google robots go through your site (the URL which you have applied for Adsense during registration) to check the content of your site and the number of pages (if your site contains 15-20 pages then it will be fine for Adsense to approve them) on your site. Your site must not include any pornography materials or any drugs related content otherwise your site may be rejected at first glance.
Step2: Once your site is Okayed by Google bot then it is manually reviewed by Google employee and if it is within Google TOS, you will receive a welcome email from Adsense team.
Review time may take from one day to 48 hours. So keep patience in the process. You don’t have to create more than one account in Google Adsense for displaying ads on your multiple website or Blog.
If your site is rejected don’t worry. Since they will give you full information on why your site is being rejected and they ask you to make the required changes. So do the needful and revert back to them and wait for the approval.
Once you receive the approval from Google Adsense, you need to login into your account and select your ad format such as color, size of your ad etc. and paste the code into the section of your webpage where you want your ad to be appeared. But never alter the codes provided by Adsense because it’s against Google Adsense TOS.
Just go through Google Adsense TOS before applying for Adsense account this will increase your chances of being accepted in Adsense.
So what you benefits from Google Adsense
  • easy (and free) to join and implement
  • no chasing of advertisers to place ads on your Web site
  • reduced workload — only need to manage the cream of affiliate programs
  • ongoing advertisers that will never run dry
  • ads automatically adjust for each page’s content
  • The “Google” name could very well enhance your credibility. You’ve been accepted as a Google partner! The first time ads may actually ADD credibility!
Thousand’s of people are using make money Google Adsense program and making real profit from them, you can also become part of the high earning community.
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