Top and best Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Top and best Search Engine Optimization Techniques
Actually SEO is a very detailed subject as all its concepts are based on morphology of search engines. It is almost a 3000 pages book available to completely understand SEO which i think most of you will not prefer to read.BUT you don't need the whole book to get a high rank in search engine. You just need to learn a few good areas of SEO which will definitely your website in achieving a good rank PLUS a significant traffic.
Every webmaster(website owner) knows the best type of traffic is natural, organic search engine traffic. There are two important reasons for this
1. It is extremely targeted
2. It completely free traffic
The main aim of this hub is to provide some simple, effective, and most important search engine friendly tips by which you can boost your websites ranking and hence traffic.
Ok lets see the five all important SEO techniques

1. Meta tags

There are mainly three types of meta tags which are Title tag, Description tag and Keywords tag. We will only go for TITLE tag and DESCRIPTION tag but not keyword tag as most of search engines puts no/minimum weight on Keyword tag.
I would prefer you to use similar test in TITLE and DESCRIPTION tag as this will really made task easier for search engines when they are searching for the apecific keywords mentioned in your 'title' and 'description' tag. Place your keywords( more than one) prominently in these tags as it is better to have all your keywords at the beginning.
In most of websites i saw people using " welcome to my site" or "introduction" as the title( in place of keywords) which will not help your quest for being higher in rankings for any specific keywords which you could mention in that title tag. So we need to have all our keywords in our 'title' and 'description' tag and do not use words such as "and", "or", or "the" in these tags.

2.Navigational links and java script

Navigational links( and javascript) should be placed at right or at bottom but not on left side of the page as search engines reads your site from top left to bottom right of webpage. They place special emphasis on the first hundred words or text on the website and you don't want these 100 words to have any navigational links as search engines will not gave preference to that web page. Ideally we need to have all our keywords in heading tags or title tags. This being said, navigational links placed on right or bottom of web page can only ensures that search engine spiders will read the text first and hence gave more importance to the concent which is important. 

3. Alt Tags

As search engine spiders are not able to read the pictures or images, hence you need put your 'alt tags' at the pictures or images as only ' ALT tags' will tell the search engine spiders what this image is about. This is another way to place your keywords and improve your search engine ranking. ALT tags are easy to make and they can make a huge difference in your website's keyword ranking. Search engines optimize your tags by separately calculating keyword prominence and density in web page PLUS  weight in 'ALT tags'.
Example of simple ALT tag can be : alt=" your keyword phrase." 

keywords at bottom of webpage

Place all your keywords at bottom of page too. The last words are given the same preference by search engines as the first words. The ideal trend is, if your site is about a specific topic (or subject) then all the main points, keywords should be there at beginning, spread throughout the page, and be prominent at the conclusive part (at the end). But if you have all of your navigational links and JavaScript at the bottom, your relevant page text could end well before the HTML does. The easy place to place your keywords at the bottom of web page could be at the vary bottom where the copyright information is given. Example: if you have a website on health then you could store the information like this
natural health care

Anchor Text of backlinks

It is true that having lots of back links to your websites increases your ranking rapidly but but it can increase more rapidly if the anchor text or linking text of your link is similar to your main keyword. Like if search engines find many navigating links to your website using the term ' natural health' then search engines assumes that your website is about natural health.It is overlooked very often by the webmasters but it has a huge impact on the website ranking for that particular keyword.
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