How to submit your website or blog to search engine

How to submit your website or blog to search engine
One of the first things that needs doing when building a new site is submission to search engines. Now, to maximise your chances of decent traffic you should submit to as many search engines as possible - there are literally hundreds out there. Google is the biggest of course, with some 60% market share, but don't discount the little guys. Now, the most inefficient means of search engine submission is to visit each search engine and submit to them one at a time, there are tools out there which allow you to submit to multiple sites at once. Please be aware that this article is intended for those who own and manage their own private websites, and not for Hubbers to submit their Hubpages - your articles on Hubpages are automatically pinged to search engines and will without a doubt be swiftly crawled and indexed anyway.

Search Engine Submission

I have a few personal favourite submission services to share with you, I tend to use all three just in case. The process of search engine submission can be very quick and very easy. Remember that you only need to submit the primary domain, so for me I am submitting the URL, the search engine bots will crawl your individual pages so there really is no reason to submit individual pages or posts. I just this moment submitted to search engines using the following great free services:
  • Submit Express - This free submission service will submit your site to over 70 search engines, including Google and Yahoo, within just a few minutes. Simply enter a few details and press submit. You are asked to enter your email address, this is necessary as some search engines ask that you validate/confirm your submission via your email inbox.
  • Add To Google - If there is any search engine that I submit to seperately, just in case, it is Google. Solely because this engine is the most essential for almost all websites in the western world.
  • - I also pinged it to this, which submits to 20 search engines. I didn't bother to check whether the list was any different to Submit Express, but the $20 of free advertising offer was worth a go! 
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