Major downsides of Black Hat SEO

Major downsides of Black Hat SEO
One of the most important parts of internet marketing nowadays is SEO. SEO is usually two types – White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. Basically White Hat SEO is all about optimizing your website the right way and following the rules and Black Hat SEO is all about cheating and breaking the rules that are established and must be followed.
While most people prefer the White Hat SEO in order to optimize their website a little slower but less risky, there are people who prefer cheating, and optimizing their website the easier and faster way. The easier and faster way, however, is very risky since search engines don’t like cheaters and they punish them when they find them.
You can go for Black Hat SEO if you want and hope that you will get away with it but the truth is that it is not worth the risk and most of the times you will get caught.
There are a lot of downsides to Black Hat SEO and it is not recommended to go down that way. One of the most obvious and major downsides is that your website can get banned from the major search engines like Google or Yahoo!.
If you are lucky you will first get a couple of penalties from the search engines before you get banned. Just think about your business and if it is worth risking it in order to save time. Think about how many people will visit your site and buy anything from it if they can’t even find it in the major search engines. People will also lose their trust in you and might think your website is a scam.
You should avoid Black Hat SEO. Smart people stick to White Hat SEO and optimize their websites the right way, following the rules. If you want more traffic, using the slow and steady way of optimizing your website will give the best results in the long run. Black Hat SEO might work for sometimes and attract a lot of traffic to your website but that is most likely to be for a short period of time before you get a serious penalty from one of the search engines.
Using White Hat SEO will guarantee you a lot of traffic in the future. You might not get results as quickly as you would get them with Black Hat SEO but you will be only going up and not down in the rankings because if you do everything the right way you will not get any penalties.
As a conclusion my recommendation is to forget about Black Hat SEO because this is the way scammers use to optimize their websites usually. If you want a higher page rank and a lot of traffic in the long run, choose the slow but steady and secure way of optimizing websites – White Hat SEO. Don’t play with your business and don’t risk it all for some quick results that will not last.

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