How to writing for your blog

Steps for writing mindfully for your blog

  1. Find a still, quiet place within which to write.
  2. Before you begin writing, take a few minutes to ground yourself in the present moment by bringing a simple, uncomplicated awareness to the whole of your physical body.
  3. Simply observe what it feels like to inhabit your body, without mental comments or judgments.
  4. If you notice your mind wanders, that’s fine. Gently return your awareness to your body.
  5. When you feel centered, relaxed, and reconnected with your essence, slowly begin to move your fingers, toes, and limbs, and with a feather-light touch begin—with all your senses—to observe your surroundings while positioning yourself comfortably to begin writing.
  6. As you start writing, promote a sense of doing so with the whole of your being, with the whole of your physical body, rather than purely with the intellectual, wholly rational mind.
  7. Allow for writing to flow in imaginative, playful ways. Be curious, childlike.
  8. Try to maintain a general, global awareness of your body throughout the time you’re writing.
  9. Reawaken your mind, body and spirit by taking frequent breaks to stand, stretch and bring movement back into your body.
  10. When you’ve finished writing, gently take this mindful approach into the rest of your day.

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