Topics for Blogging 2011

Popular blogging topics of this year
  • Job Postings – So many people are out of work these days. If you posted about finding work, and you managed to stream jobs from multiple websites (similar to what does) then you will have an explosive blog.
  • Business Ideas – Because everyone is out of work, many are pushing towards self-employment. Zero in on a niche for telling people what kind of business ideas are working, and you will draw a decent crowd.
  • Coupon Codes – Everyone wants to save some money. If you can help them by posting coupon codes for various online stores, you will get lots of repeat traffic and referrals.
  • Marketing Tips – Not the same old’, same ole’. Come up with some original marketing tips that have not been regurgitated many times online, and see how long it takes before you have 1,000 subscribers.
  • Viral Game Strategies – Let’s face it. Facebook games can be an addiction. Feed that addiction by posting your best CityVille strategies and you will end up with loyal readers that actually pay cash for info products that you publish. CityVille, FarmVille, and other games that reach 50 million monthly users are a force to be reckoned with.
  • Contest Listings – More and more bloggers are holding contests these days. It’s simply a great way to receive traffic. If you were to allow visitors to send you information on their contests, and you published them, you would have multiple bloggers promoting your blog in order to help themselves receive more traffic.

Stop Popular Blogging Topics for 2011
What doesn’t work…

Being rude and starting fights with other bloggers. Alex Whalley and I had some prick posting crap about us on his blog because he felt that us gurus were only in this to peddle affiliate offers, and none of our marketing strategies work. The problem with that? Well, he didn’t use our marketing methods and his blog gets ZERO comments other than the one article where he talked crap about us and had our readers over there telling him what a jerk he was. That was his only success… a short lived traffic increase. I occasionally stop by his blog now to see if it’s gotten any better, any traffic, or just anything at all. Nope. Nada.
Starting fights with other bloggers will simply not work. It may have in the past, but frankly, nobody wants drama these days. You will get a lot further by networking and respecting others. That same blogger could have taken a different approach, and possibly received reviews, backlinks, and traffic from Alex and I. FAIL!
Doing the same ole’ will also not make you a successful blogger. I have watched as many newbies got into this thinking that they can just copy someone else in style and content, and get away with it. Their blogs always end up closing down.
Come into this with a desire to talk about your niche, and to do it in a way that hasn’t been heard before. I know it may have been over-stated, but originality and persistence pays off. Don’t believe me? Well tell it to my butt while I walk into the mall with my family and my cash.
The third thing I want to mention that does not work, is to spend more and more on information rather than taking the free info we established bloggers give you and apply it to your own situation. I see many people buying ebooks on building twitter followers, traffic generation methods, search engine optimization, and everything else. What they end up with is an empty wallet because they did nothing but look for an easy button to get rich quick. The simple fact is that this is not a quick thing. Money does come, but it comes from patience, lots of hard work, and actually doing what’s required.
Many people do not want to actually do what’s required. They hope that they will find some magical piece of information in an ebook, and it will instantly make them rich beyond measure. DO! DO! DO! You want Twitter followers? Get your butt out there and build them. Get a SocialOomph account; get a Twellow account; search for “follow back” on Twellow and add them in chunks of 50-100 a day; do guest posting; publish articles; ASK for followers. It really is that simple.
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