Quick SEO Tips for your Blog

Top 12 Quick SEO Tips for your Blog

Here are some helpful seo tips for your blog. These tips definately useful for your blog and your blog will get more traffic for the search engines if your follow the following tips :

If you have a domain and want to install wordpress blog, don't put your blog at the root of your domain. Rename the directory with "blog" instead of "wordpress".

Always use dashes or hyphens in the url. These are best. You can also use underscore in the url. Spaces and no spaces are useless.
Put target keyword in the title tag and the heading of blog post.
Include the main keyword in the first paragraph in every post.
Use alt tags on images. Its good seo strategy.
Install title and meta description plugins. And make all the titles unique with the help of title plugin. These worpdress plugins are available free.
Always ping your blog in google and other autoping resources when updated.
When changing your host, use a permanent redirect (301).
Check your blog in all the popular web browers and cell phone.
Verify your blog using google webmaster tool and submit xml sitemap in all the three major search engines like google, yahoo and msn.
Don't mix non-www with www.
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