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Wordpress Blog - SEO Tips and Avoid Mistakes
Recently I have visited the blogs and found some mistakes by the blogs owner. SOme mistakes are serious and search engines can penalize for these careless jobs. Few things are important and it helps you to get more traffic and get benefits. Some of the important points and steps are mentioned below :

Remove the hyperlink of Title from the single post:
Its common mistakes I have seen in the blogs. If a visitor in the single post then the title must not be hyperlinked. It is very easy to remove the hyperlink from the post title. Just go to Presentation > Theme Editor > and open singlepost.php and replace the following line "> with .

Use Wordpress Plugins:
Many plugins available free that helps you to make your website more seo-friendly. Some of the plugins are :
Google Sitemap Generator : Sitemap makes search engine easy to crawl all the pages. With the help of this, you can create the sitemap for your blog and submit it in google webmaster tools.

Optimize your Meta Description Tag : Meta descriptions are not very important, but still helpful in yahoo and other search engines. With the help of this plugin, you can manually insert the meta description for each post separately.

Title Tags Generator : Titles are still important. Install this plugin and insert title tags for each post.

Optimize Images :
Image optimization is the basic on-page seo. The visitors enters the website with the help of images also. So must include alt tags in the images.

Change the default Wordpress Theme:
The default wordpress theme is not very impressive. Lots of free attractive themes available. Download the theme and replace it with default. This makes your wordpress blog more professional.

Add noindex and nofollow to Category and Archieves:
Add noindex to categories, archieves, tags to avoid duplicate content issue. To insert noindex in the archieve, goto Theme Editor>header.php and replace with "meta name="robots" content="noindex"

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