Top 5 traffic tips

Top 5 traffic tips
1) Google search
Approximately 44% of my traffic comes from Google Search. On the days when I’m racking in the sales, I’m happy as a woodchuck chucking wood. And then sometimes, I want to secretly kick my own ass.
When Google is nice, Google is a hottie giving you Swedish massages on demand. But when Google arbitrarily decides you’re a piss ant and takes your fabulous rank away, well, you cry. Then you cry some more. Then you mourn publicly with some of the other Google designated piss ant’s about how cruel the ant eater is.
Oy vey… I don’t do stuff to get on Google’s bad side because I like money way more than I like getting rank using sneaky methods. If I have to take baby steps to get there, just plop me in the walker and I’ll see you when I get there.
To generate said rank, I use a method that I refer to as accidental search engine optimization. I choose a term that’s not too competitive (long tail) and I include it in the title of my blog post and somewhere in the article. Then I write the article.
I’ve been totally lame-o about tweeting lately. Yes, I said it. Lame-o. When I say I’ve been writing a lot of press releases, I mean I’ve been writing A LOT of press releases. Every time I think there’s a break coming, 10 more come in. (Though I’m not complaining!)
I think I’ve explained Triberr in another post, but it’s definitely worth another public woot. You join Triberr. You team up with other bloggers in your niche (join their tribes or start your own). Whenever you write a new post, the members of your tribe can push your tweet to their followers and vice versa.
So essentially, my blog post titles get tweeted to other peoples followers, which generates TRAFFIC. Sweet, sweet traffic.
2) Press releases
If you’ve been sleeping on press releases, it’s time to wake up and smell the click through’s.
I don’t write press releases for media coverage — though I have gotten one blogger to feature me as a direct result of my press release. (Woot!) I write them to generate website traffic. And generate they do.
Over the past month I’ve only counted one day where I haven’t gotten traffic from at least one of my press releases. And this is despite the fact that I haven’t written one for myself in a couple of weeks. (I’ve been up to my eyeballs writing them for others.)
I write them to promote my blog posts and ebooks. Over the past month I’ve written them for affiliate websites, WordPress plugins, membership sites and ebooks – all other peoples stuff.
One release I wrote generated over 4K pageviews the day it hit the Google News. I watched one authors Amazon rank drop (meaning he was generating sales) as a result of a press release I wrote. On the other hand, I’ve written releases for some sites that got just over 100 pageviews.

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