How To Build Backlinks & Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Blog

Use eHow To Build Backlinks & Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Blog
When it comes to building backlinks and driving targeted traffic to a blog or website, article marketing without a doubt is one of the best ways to go. But, usually when we talk about article submission and submitting article, we are talking about using traditional article directories, which is great. Nothing wrong with that, specially if you are using dofollow article directories which carry more weight when it comes to building backlinks to get a better search engine ranking . I am doing it and I am having a great success with it. But, there are other kinds of article sites out there that you can use as well.

Using to build backlinks & drive traffic to your site
Article sites such as Submitting your article to sites like ehow is one of the most effective, yet most untapped ways to drive targeted traffic to your site. Not only that, ehow can give you very high quality backlinks as well. I have been submitting my articles to how for quite some times now and the results are nothing less than great. It gives me both a great quality backlink, and some very targeted traffic on a daily bases. I don’t have much articles on ehow yet, but even with the few articles that I have already submitted, I am getting a fare amount of targeted traffic each and every day.

eHow has PR 8 and receives over 65,000,000 monthly visitors
While you may not think of ehow as a good source of traffic generation and backlink building, you will be surprised with the result you will get using ehow for article submission. eHow is a site with PR 8, and according to alexa, ehow has a Traffic Estimate rank of 69 with an estimated 65,369,000 monthly visits. It has a worldwide rank of 147, and is ranked 42 in the United States.

Articles on eHow has to be in “how-to” format
Thew problem with submitting articles to sites like ehow is that you can’t just submit your article in its normal format. They have to be a “how-to” article. And all of their articles starts with “how to…” And the articles have to be a “step by step” kind of thing.

So, what I have done is, I gradually developed this style of writing in which I write almost all of my posts that I publish on my blog and other directories, in steps. So, when it comes to submitting to ehow, I just have to turn the title into a “how to…” title and the rest is just copy and past, just the way it is.

It takes you a few second to change your title and make it a how-to title, and perhaps change a few things in the body or the article, but the results you get is nothing less than amazing. With the pr number of 8, ehow is a great site for building backlinks for your blog or website, and with over 65,000,000 monthly visits, you are sure to get a good number of targeted traffic to your site as well.

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