Make money online without spending money

When it comes to ways to make free money online the internet can be a place where you can easily caught in a get rich quick scam. You need to keep in mind there is no program on the internet that can make you an overnight millionaire. However here you will learn various ways to make free money online without investing capital.
But let me tell you first, money can be made online, however with the free ways you have to put in time and effort. It will be time consuming but in the process you will learn more and will become successful if you work with determination and dedication.
Before explaining ways to make free money online, you must know whatever ways you choose to make free money online, you need a website (you have to pay hosting and domain charges) or blog (free way).
You can easily create a blog for free on blogger or wordpress. They are good places to learn how to create a blog. Before creating your blog you need to find keywords on which your blog will focus. Always try to focus on long tail keywords. For example if you are thinking of making your blog about “health insurance” then you will target a keyword like “health insurance quote in California”. Once you finalize your keywords for you blog it’s time to start writing content on each keyword.
I suggest you create your blog on a good niche (Keyword) that should be low competition with a higher number of searches and write 30-40 good quality articles with 2-3% keyword density around that niche. Update your blog weekly or if possible daily.
Keep posting on your blog for a month regularly. Once your blog is one month old, now it’s time to think about how you will make money from it. There are various ways to make free money online.
Ways to make free money online #1
You can join most the profitable and popular Google Adsense Pay per click program. Joining this program is 100% free and if you have a 10-15 page blog then your application can be easily approved. Once approved, you can start pasting the code provided by the Google Adsense program on your website.

This piece of code will show targeted ads on your website and whenever someone click on the ads you will be get paid somewhere between $0.05 to $5.00 (depending on the keyword your website focused on). You can learn more about make money at google adsense program.
Ways to make free money online #2
You can sell your own product on your blog. This is one of the most profitable ways to make free money online. However it requires lots of effort from you, since you have to invest time in creating an informative digital product.
Creating a product is not the hardest thing. Do you know that more than 70% ofinternet users buy information products from the internet? In today’s world people search for solutions to their problems on the internet and if they find something interesting tend to buy it.
Let’s take an example. If you know “how to save money on insurance”, then why don’t you write a 10 page e-book and sell it for $7-$10. You will be amazed by the result. If you know a “home remedy for acne or loose motion” then write a 10 page e-book and sell it for whatever amount you like. I’m sure you get the idea.
Ways to make free money online #3
Selling some one’s else product. This are called affiliate programs in which one person takes the responsibility of selling someone else’s product and receives a percentage of the revenue.
Many people have joined affiliate programs and are making thousands of dollar from them. Affiliate programs are very easy to join and start getting profit from. In affiliate programs you have to sell someone else’s product to get paid commission.
Before you join an affiliate program do some research on the product. For example:
    is the product useful (does it solve their problem)
    will it cost you anything to join?
    how much competition is there in the market?
Most affiliates program offered today are absolutely free so you don’t have to worry. Personally I’d never join any affiliate programs which charge you to join.
More or less all affiliate programs provide banner, text-messages and video which you can easily incorporate on your blog/website. When someone buys through your link it is tracked and you will get paid.
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