Simple ways to increase google adsense earning

Simple ways to increase Google adsense earning

One of the most important factors to be considered if you are hoping to generate high revenue from your Adsense site is to optimize your ads according to your website. So here are a few tips which you can apply to your website to increase Google Adsense earning:
  • You must choose appropriate keywords for your site to generate a good amount of visitors to your site. If you have lots of visitors then you get more clicks and more clicks will lead you to generate a good amount of money from Adsense. So, select the keywords which are searched by users in major search engines and have less competition. Don’t target competitive keywords otherwise it takes lots of effort and time to get good ranking in major search engines like Google and Yahoo. My favorite tools for finding the keywords and their search amount is Adword Keyword External tool and Seobook Keyword Tool (both free)
  • Always try to add new content to your site with at least one post a week. Rich content sites have more relevance.
  • Select the right Adsense ad format. Wider ads perform better than the compact ones. Here is the list of formats which have performed well for many Adsense Publishers.
    1. 120 X 90 (In Sidebar) or 468X15 (under navigation link) for Link unit ad format
    2. 336 X 280 inline rectangle (to be used just above your post or at the end of articles if your post is long)
    3. 160 X 600 Skyscraper (to be used in left hand sidebar). You can use three ad units and three link units with two Google search boxes in one page. If you have a rich content page then try to use the maximum number of Adsense ads and if you have low content pages then use the minimum number of ads to get relevant ads on your pages. The best place to put a search box is in the top right corner of your page and the other at the end of your post. After reading posts many people are interested in finding some other useful information. You may not earn as much as you can earn from your ad units but it is better to provide visitors some credibility with the search option. Always select the option of opening the search results in new window instead of opening the search result on the same page.
  • Choose the right color for your ads: When creating your ads, remember to choose the color scheme that matches your website. In other words, you want ads that blend well with your site. Here are the color schemes you can use for Adsense ads:
  • Border_color = same as the background color of your website
    Background_color = same as the background color of your website
    Link_color = same as the color of your website links
    url_color = use a lighter color such as #666666 or #CCCCCC
    text_color = use the same color as the color of your body text
  • When I started to blog using Adsense I used too many custom channels to track my Adsense clicks. I read somewhere that by including only URL channels for your website and removing all custom channels there will be an increase in earnings, so I have implemented the same for my website and it’s worked. Previously I was earning $30 to $50 per day but after implementing it, I have increased my earnings by 150%. I am not telling you to implement this, if this has worked for me then it’s not that it will also work for you, but I definitely suggest you give a try for one week before reaching to any conclusion.
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