How To Attract A Perfect Reader

Attract Your Perfect Reader

One of the greatest challenges of writing for your business is figuring out your ideal reader.
It’s tempting to think that everyone will read your work—and that creates a problem, because your mindset shifts to thinking that everyone is your audience. After all, you reason, everyone is a potential customer, right?
Let’s say I started writing exclusively about training horses. Now, you might like horses. You might enjoy riding them.
But unless you’re intensely interested in the actual training of horses, my words and my business aren’t for you.
The same is true in any industry, and especially so for any niche. Only a select group of people will care about what you write, simply because it directly applies to their interests.
No one else gives a damn.
This is a very good thing.
What would you rather have? 500 loyal customers constantly spreading the word about you, your products and your business because they love what you write?
Or two million faceless consumers who show up to your website, read what you have to say and realize it doesn’t concern them?
Think further. What would you rather have? Customers who rave about your business after buying your products because it was exactly what they expected and needed?
Or people who buy and then demand a refund because your content wasn’t supposed to loop them in and this was the wrong product for their needs?
If you’re thinking, “Hey, but at least I got sales!” then you’re clearly missing the point.
Building a successful, sustainable business isn’t about scooping as many random people as you can into a giant net. It’s about targeting a specific group of consumers at the intersection of their problems and your solutions.

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