On Page SEO and Ways to Rank Top

On Page SEO and Ways to Rank Top 
Whether you are operating a business website intended to make profits or merely a blog, what you definitely want is to get huge traffic to your website. But, the truth is most of the people do not know how to generate traffic to their websites. Many even spend thousands of dollars advertising their websites and brands with zero outcomes. However, an alternative but highly effective way of generating traffic to your website is to optimize it to the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Search engine optimization is the process that makes a website more visible to the results when someone make any search in the search engines. There are basically two methods of making a website search engine optimized, On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.
ON Page SEO refers to a method of optimizing a website that is done within the website. There are some exclusive on page SEO methods that people use and get good results. Following are some of the highly recommended methods.
Choosing less competitive but significant keywords is the prime requirement when you are going to optimize a website. But, you need t ensure that the keyword that you are using reflects the contents of your website. Never choose irrelevant keywords.
If you are using the Wordpress platform to develop your website, then make sure to install the All in One SEO Pack plugin. It is renowned for its SEO effects. This plugin helps you to use a wide variety of keywords at every pages, use meta description of the pages and so on. In a word, a website is incomplete until the plugin is used.
Keyword density is another very important issue for On Page SEO. When you are posting some contents, make sure that they contain keywords. But, do not overstuff the keywords so that it looks spammy. Although there is no standard limit of keyword density, but many people recommend it keeping below 4%. But, make sure the content is readable.
Use the keyword once in the header or title of the page. It helps the search engines to recognize your website very easily. Search engines are not human; they do not read your webpage. They use certain algorithmic procedures to judge and estimate what your website may contain. So, use the keywords properly.
Make a customized 404 error page. Though you never want your visitors to land on that page, but if incase they do, make sure that they do not leave your webpage and instead click some other pages. Try some search options there. It really helps and gives the visitor positive conceptions about your website.

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