How to make money with facebook fanpage and SEO

How to make money with facebook fanpage and SEO
This subject has been written about on many occasions, I just thought that I'd put my own spin on things and let people know just how easy it is to SEO your individual facebook page and acquire a high ranking on Goole and make some money.
Building your traffic - If you are trying to Seo your Facebook page to rank higher, then you may like to include a few of the techniques listed here into the crux of your profile page in an effort to secure higher rankings Facebook. The best way you can do this is to by using the the tags your profile page will give you when you setup your page.
What exactly are tags? If you ever want to fully comprehend how SEO works so as to capitalize on it, then you must become familiar with this term. Tags, fundamentally, tell the story of the page they represent.
Example - Articles on Do it yourself for instance, could have words like "decorating", "painting" and "interior decorating" as tags because those are the basic keywords which will be represented in the body of your article. Likewise, the tags on your page include things like Activities and Interests, Occupation, Music, and Movies, all are offered for tagging, enabling you to tell the story of the things that are crucial for you and revealing to users what they may know about you when they browse over your page.
Using Facebook for networking purposes gives a number of benefits, especially if you are in the business sector which can accommodate a lot more than just nearby clients and customers. Any time you can harness the power of the web as a global marketplace, then Facebook becomes a lot more than a tool for business growth. It becomes a requirement. Where else is it possible to put yourself connected with 500 million thinkable purchasers.
Because of features such as "People You May Know," it is very straightforward to connect with individuals who may be interested in what you have to offer. The viral nature of Facebook also means that you can connect with their contacts and their contacts' contacts. People will often utilize the interests which are tagged in your page in order to suggest users who will are likely want to "friend" you based on similar interests.
What Facebook has done is take the initial SEO concept and incorporate it internally to the site using its vast pool of resources to bring people of the same interests and business professions to those people which will almost certainly support them. If you are prepared to inject a welcome shot of popularity to your business or website, then you definitely will will require to sign up for Facebook immediately and pay very close attention to the tags that you represent. With a little careful planning, you could potentially have a good large base of consumers in no time., it can also provide you with a warning of what sites to avoid similar to the plague. It comes available as a plug in for Firefox and Internet Explorer. McAfee does charge a yearly fee.

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