How To Make Money From Blog

How To Make Money From Blog
Chances are that if you're reading this you have either started blogging or are going to begin very soon. You might be blogging just for fun and heard that you can make a little money from your blog or your sole intent could be to make money from your blog.
I'll give several methods of making money with your blog which are free to you except that you have to devote your time to the blogging and the work needed to implement the techniques.
How To Make Money From Your Blog
There are several ways to profit from your blogging efforts and I'll provide some here and there are probably others that I haven't thought of or that haven't been explored yet. You could come up with something unique on your own.
* Google Adsense - Sign up for a free account with Google and place ads on your blog
* Affiliate Marketing - Promote other people's products on your blog and earn a commission from them
* Advertising - When your blog has a good following, sell ad space to companies
* Blog for others - There are websites and companies that hire others to blog for them
* Sell - Create your own product and promote it in your blog
Hopefully this list will give you some good ideas on how to begin. Test the methods out and see what works for you. Again, this isn't a complete list so feel free to do some experimenting on your own.
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The first method that is often suggested is to go with Google Adsense. There are several reasons for that. It is a tried and true method of earning extra income on sites and blogs. Google is a well known company. If is also free to sign up with them and easy to get started. It is especially easy to place Adsense on a free Blogger blog. Blogger is also a Google company.
Adsense can help you get your feet wet and get you started earning while you develop a following and branch out into other things. If you haven't made any money online yet, then you'll feel a little rush when you check your stats for Adsense and see your first earnings. And, that will get your hungry for more and keep you motivated.
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