Blog Promotion Online

Blog Promotion Online

It`s simple to start a blog but It can be most disappointing if no-one`s bothered to read it.
Promoting your newly created blog is the most difficult part, most blogs never acheive the following they deserve.
Although, there are lot`s of way`s to assist you in attracting many visit`s to you blog.
Here we have listed some top tips to give you the best chance in success with your own blog.

1. Why did you creat a blog in the first place.
Perhaps you created your blog to review certain products online?
How has this evolved? Did you change your original plans?
Maybe your blog has become more of an online diary, and your readers may find this a bore.
Make sure that you dont sway from your original idea, stick to what you want, someone else will find this as interesting as you do.

2. Update Everyday If You Can.
Make sure you provide reasons for your readers to visit, one of the ways in doing this is to update your blog daily. Your readers will not come back If all the content is old.

3. Get to the point.
It can be difficult to read huge amounts of text, keep the interest by using small paragraphs.

4. View popular blogs.
You can guide others to your blog by leaving a message on other popular blogs.

5. Put Interesting pictures on your blog.
Simple text blogs can turn people off, store pictures on your computer and place them into your blog.
Spend some time getting pictures that are the most relevant to your subject posts.

6. Gets feeds for your blog.
Most people are just too busy to spend time every day searching for news feeds.
RSS or really simple syndication is a special format that makes it easy to get the latest headlines from other web sites and blogs.
To allow others to sign up to an RSS feed from your blog, Go to, log into your account, make sure your web site feed is turned on, click settings, site feed and under Allow Site Feed select Full from the menu.

7.Be sure to Ping your blog.
Be sure to ping your blog, Its a way of letting the directories know that you have updated It.
There are many pinging services available, try
All you have to do to ping your blog, enter the name and address of your blog and tick the services that you want to ping.
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