How to SEO for your website with ethical link building

How to SEO for your website with ethical link building
Even if you have only just begun your online journey, you will no doubt have realised that traffic to your site is it's lifeblood. For this reason you will need to learn how to seo a site and study how to do it in a natural way so that Google will look upon your site favourably. You can easily learn how to seo a site with ethical link building, and set up a link building strategy for your business.
How Can You Know How Your Site is Doing?
If you sign up with Google Analytics it is possible to see how your site is doing. In order to be able to determine how successful your site is you need to have a way to measure the statistics that are generated from it. Having access to these figures is rather like using the dashboard in your car - it can tell you a great deal.
Website statistics can tell you vital facts about your visitors such as
Geography - where they have come from
Time - when did they visit
Who sent them to you
What search words were used to get them there
Pages they looked at while on your site
Page from where they left your site
Return visits
What kind of search browser they were using

Once you know where you are at - then you can set about optimising things.
Google can send your loads of visitors when you market your site via a strategy called ethical link building. You may be saying now, okay, I know that I must learn how to seo a site with ethical linking building but what actually does link building mean?
Link building is the process when we put our link to our website on a page of another site and it points back to our site. I will give you an example. Imagine I have a blog and read some interesting post that I like and would like to share with my readers. I can write a post on my blog and put the link to that post in my blog post.
Why is link building so important?
Learning how to seo a site with ethical inbound links is critical for two reasons
If you have loads of links to your site it will bring more traffic to it because it makes your site more visible. Surfers on the web will be more likely to find your site. In a simple to understand way, a link is much like a vote. However, on the internet not all the votes (links) are equivalent in value. In some cases a site which only has a few inbound links will be ranked higher than one with a few thousand or so.
Also Google will look to measure a site up by the number of inbound links. The more inbounds links to your site, the more Google will consider it to be an authority site because so many are connecting to it.
Market your site with inbound links
Your target with ethical link building will be to move your site up the rankings til it is no 1 on Google for your search phrases. You will need to do some link building each and every day.
How can you Market with inbound links?
1 Write articles regularly and submit them to the directories
2 Do guest blogging to get your links in front of another wider audience
3 Join forums in your niche area and post comments in them
4 Make comments on blogs related to your area of interest.
5 Add share this buttons at the end of your posts on blogs
6 Post interesting and valuable content so that your visitors will want to share it with others or refer back to it

There are quick methods to get links to your site but these link spamming techniques are not worth investing into. Links like these which can be bought with very little effort are not recommended as they will not stand the test of time.
In summary then you should try to devise a link building strategy which builds links ethical and naturally.
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