Effective ways to increase Adsense CTR

Joining Adsense is a very simple process but making money with it can be a different story. Many peoples do make more than $50 a day while others struggle to achieve that in a whole month. For better Adsense earnings you need to improve two things – the first is traffic to your site and the second is Adsense CTR (Click through rate) on ads appearing on your site.We all want to achieve a higher Adsense CTR to increase Adsense earnings; so here are some simple and effective ways to increase your click through rate on Adsense:
  • Always put your Adsense ads on content rich pages so that Google has more content to play with and provide relevant ads on that page.
  • Use section targeting to display the relevant ads on your pages. For example if you land on a page looking for data entry jobs but the ads are for an affiliate program then users might not click on those ads. On the other hand if the ads are related to Data Entry then users are more likely to click on your ad.
  • Place ads where users are most likely to see your ads and click on them i.e. above the fold (on top of the pages). Here is what Google says about best ad placement for better Adsense CTR.The sections in orange and red colors are more relevant than other places.
  • Provide some free space around ads so that they stand out and users know where to find them. Don’t clutter up the ads inside your content.
  • Try to use channels to track your non-performing ads and then experiment with it by changing the location of your ads. Google Adsense provides some great ideas about this.
  • Ads that are located in the sidebar usually don’t perform as well as the ads between posts.
  • Try to use wider ads like 336X280 or 250X250 ad units at the top of the post and at the bottom of your post.
  • Match the colors of your ads with color of your site. For example if your site color theme is orange then use orange for your ads with light Grey for the link and text.
  • It has been found that ads with borders do not perform well so try to match the border color with the background color of your page. Blend your ads with your pages.
  • Link units if placed well can increase your Adsense revenue. They perform best when placed near navigation links.
  • Last but not the least, only you can help yourself to achieve better Adsense CTR for your site by experimenting with your ad placement and color schemes. Since no one tells you which work best for your site, keep experimenting and hope to get better results in that process.
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